Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There are so many things I love about this photo:
I see a dress I felt spectacular in, despite hours of panic and more than one last minute dress purchase while this one waited patiently in my closet.

I see hair that was worth every penny of having it done professionally hours beforehand.

I see pride and ease in feeding my baby during a wedding reception...

I also see a little "cocktail" of Sprite (his 4th in as many minutes), set oh so carefully to the side on the chair he carefully pulled over to be next to me.

I see those pudgy little hands purposefully set on his lap.

I see that suit! My god, that little seersucker suit!

I see the world's funniest two-year-old, cheesing for the camera...

I also see joy, and laughter, and beauty in a day filled with the same.  My brother was married this weekend.  My little brother (who I often picture in my head as a blonde, choo-choo loving, funny little guy, so very similar to the blonde, choo-choo loving funny little guy seated beside me in this photo), all grown up and married to a wonderful woman. 

It's a blurry photo, and "terrible" of both me and Gavin.  But it's my favorite photo from the day.  Or at least one of them... it was such a happy day, and there are so many photos I love, but this one.  There's just something about this one.