Friday, February 15, 2013


I started a post last week that I was winning. Winning all the things. Winning home.  Winning family.  Winning work.  Winning health.  I didn't quite get it typed up and posted, and for that I am glad.  Because I've just won a second week in a row.

On Monday, I went to the grocery store with both kids.  Gavin sat in the cart like a big kid for the second time in his life.  Laura walked beside us for the second time in hers.  With her new freedom, Laura took it upon herself to do a little meal planning.  She ran over to the leafy greens in the produce section and selected a bunch of kale for our cart.  We have never bought kale before.

Mom, we haven't tried this before but if we try it we might like it.  o_O

Stunned, I placed the kale in the cart and frantically texted my sister to find out how to cook it.  Laura ate a full leaf raw before I got it steamed.  She's eaten the rest of the bunch at dinners and lunches all week.  Did I mention she's picky?  I'm stunned.
Seeing her eat all that kale made me feel like this (I think she felt pretty awesome, too):kale2
(Don't you eat your dinner standing on your chair?  Maybe you should.)

On Tuesday night, I sat down with Laura to make her Valentine's from a foam kit I bought at Michael's.  Laura and I did one together, carefully peeling the paper off the tiny foam bits and placing them on the heart to make an animal (Laura preferred the lions).  And then Laura took over, peeling and sticking until she had 14 Valentine's finished - all looking exactly how the kit meant them to look.  Hello age three!

Meanwhile, I've been doing really well with creating meal plans and sticking to them.  I've been eating less at all meals, in a good way.  I can button my pants again (without using an elastic band as if I were pregnant.  I'm not pregnant).  I've been running consistent 10 minute miles a few times a week.  Which is good, because I have seven (7!) weeks until I run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.  I'm getting major milestones checked off at work.  I'm feeling confident. Healthy. Good. Able. Positive. Winning.  Winning feels great.