Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brain Dump

I fully intended on blogging on Monday. I wasn't feeling well, and it just didn't happen. I stayed home yesterday and took a four hour nap. 11:00 to 3:00. It was epic.

I napped all crunched up on the couch in a weird position. My back hurts.

I was able to garner enough strength to take a shower, buy fake flowers at Michael's for Gavin's party on Saturday, and get groceries. I about died after that.

Did you know that it's really hard to find fake Black Eyed Susans? I wound up buying a bunch of plain yellow daisies, and painting the middles with black acrylic paint. I thought I was taking crazy to a new level, but it was actually really quick and easy - and the flowers look great!




My mom flies in this afternoon. I can't wait to see her! I know she'll help decorate for the party on Saturday. The party for which she has already done some fabulous things (and had shipped to me)... I can't wait to share on Monday! Or Tuesday... Or whenever I get my act together...

This party is going to be insane. I can't wait!