Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last night, Laura and I had a tickle fight.  I won of course.  I'm bigger and stronger than her.  And she enjoys being tickled, while I enjoy doing the tickling.  Then we had a staring contest, with our noses touching till we each began to see the other as a cyclops - first to see a cyclops was the winner.  Then Laura stole my nose.  So I stole hers.  Then she ate my nose... and we sort of devolved from there into piles of laughter.

SO THEN we obviously had to gang up on Nate/Daddy and tickle him.  Except that he's bigger and stronger than both of us... I lost.  Big time.  I was curled in a fetal position, laughter so hard my sides hurt, trying to roll like a turtle away from the tickling.  I couldn't get away.  It was wonderful.

There isn't really a point to any of this, and that's the best part of it all.  We were just doing silly things, enjoying each other, and laughing.  It wasn't hard.  I didn't have to force myself.  I wanted to be right where I was, enjoying that exact moment (minus a little of the tickling of my own stomach and feet).


So if I wondered at all if going back on Zoloft was the right decision, I think I have my answer.