Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some moms are fingerpainting moms

And some moms are me: not fingerpainting moms.

I thought I might be! And I saw all these cute things on Pinterest and just knew I could make the same level of cuteness with some canvases and little hands.

First of all, those little canvases were more pricey than I expected. Second of all, paint is messy. And gets on clothes because some moms forget about smocks. And feels funny on toddler hands. And needs more direction than a preschooler wants to receive.

But in the end, our creations were pretty cute... If not exactly what I envisioned while browsing Pinterest.

20131117-212932.jpgCute little lefty hard at work

20131117-212946.jpgBouquets for Grandma

20131117-212957.jpgOh Christmas Tree!

20131117-213006.jpgAlmost finished!

20131117-213024.jpgThat's a person climbing a ladder, in case you couldn't figure it out (I couldn't).

But when have any of my endeavors turned out exactly how I envisioned? That's right. Never. And I'm still pretty proud of everything I have endeavored to accomplish. I just might not whip out the paints again until I forget the mess and stress of organized projects.

Note to self: hide paints from ambitious preschooler.