Monday, April 14, 2014

BOB-bing along

When I was initially shopping for a stroller back in 2009, I thought "why would I spend $500 on a stroller that won't fit in my car?"  So I bought the travel system that came with the infant seat and a stroller that... barely fit in my car.  And also only rolled smoothly on nicely paved surfaces.  And was obnoxious.  And ended up being abandoned in the basement.  

We also had a smaller, "fancy" umbrella stroller that for some reason just never rolled as easily as it should have.

So I bought a cheapie umbrella stroller from Babies R Us that was our go-to stroller.  

Then I wanted a double stroller and bought one without doing enough research.  And while it fit two kids, it was incredibly heavy to lift and push, barely fit in my car, and just wasn't worth it.  And then I started running and wanted a jogging stroller but just couldn't justify a 5th stroller when most of my running was done once I got to work, without children.

But now I'm healed enough from Paul's birth that I've been itching to get moving again.  I know longer have a gym membership, and any exercise I am going to do will be with Paul in tow.  So I became obsessed with jogging strollers, swallowing the stupidity of owning five strollers.  I wanted a good one, but one that didn't cost an arm and a leg.  We just don't have the cash for a $500 stroller right now!  

Everything I read and researched and tested in stores brought me back to the BOB - the most expensive of the bunch. But I wanted it!  So bad.  Oh the running I would do with Paul in a BOB!  So I found a used one on a certain Craig's list, bought it, and love it!!!
Paul loves it too.  Our new neighborhood is wonderful for walking and running.  The weather has been fabulous, and I've been soaking up the sunshine and warm breeze!  We are expecting rain tomorrow, so I'll have to leave the BOB barely fitting in my trunk till we have some sunshine again. Oh well!  We'll be back on the trails on the next sunny day!