Thursday, April 3, 2014

One of those super mom days

Today it was just me and my boys.  My first full day alone with more than just Paul since he was born.  Laura is on a trip with Grandma, so I still have yet to spend a full day alone with all three... Baby steps?

I was nervous about today, but am happy to report we had a great day.   Timorrow will probably be terrible, as a counter, but today was great.
I showered, fed everyone and got us in the car to run errands.  We picked up some supplies at Home Depot, then got home for lunch.  I even got Gavin to take a nap!  Paul didn't quite cooperate with napping at the same time, but his overlapped the tail end of Gavin's, so I got a brief doze as well. 

After nap (while Paul snoozed away in the  swing), Gav and I got to work on our project!  We added coffee table legs to a Brio train top that has been my brother's long long ago!  Gavin painted the legs, then helped me attach them!

We are proud of our handiwork, and can't wait to configure some train tracks tomorrow!

Paul took a long enough nap that Gav and I got some swing time in before dinner.  Miraculously, Paul's naps worked our so nicely all day!  He cooperated with my needs for keeping Gavin entertained and safe... and what's even better, Paul fell asleep for the night early!  It's 9:30 and I am in bed.  I don't expect tomorrow to go as smoothly as today, but maybe I'll be happily surprised!  Good night!