Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's been an eventful week, to say the least.  A week ago Wednesday, my family packed up to start a long drive to Florida by way of Myrtle Beach for my sister-in-law's wedding.  Wednesday night, I sat at home a little bored, and took a pregnancy test on a whim.  It was positive.  I immediately called the pharmacy about the implications of Zoloft on pregnancy.  Then I called Nate to share our surprising news.

By the weekend, I was still surprised, but feeling incredibly, overwhelmingly happy to be pregnant with our third child.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am.  I mean, this little one throws a few wrenches in a few plans... but oh! a new member to our wonderful family!  I am almost as stunned by this feeling of complete and utter happiness as I am by the pregnancy itself.  And I know I haven't had confirmation yet... but I just know, you know?  I feel just crappy enough to know things are growing at a healthy rate.

By the weekend, I had also started thinking ahead to how we'll manage three children.  Things like: our house, my job, day care...

So on Monday, I asked my boss about the possibility of transferring from my current job (where I have to be physically present to work) to an open position, where I could potentially telework three days a week.  She went for it.  By Monday afternoon, I was submitting my resume.  By Tuesday, my boss had submitted the hire waiver to get things moving.

Tuesday, while my boss was moving my new job along (with the warning that HR can take WEEKS to process new hires), I was hopping on a plane to join my family in Florida.

Wednesday, Nate got three HUGE cases.

Thursday, my sister-in-law got married - with Laura attending as flower girl (for her fourth wedding), and me doing one of the readings.

Friday, I received the official offer for my new job.  Four days after I applied.  That has to be some sort of HR record.

Sunday, Nate and I made the decision to step up our plans to move to a larger home (in a nicer area).

Monday, I technically started my new job (but not really because I need a lot of training and this all happened so fast, I'm still doing my previous job).

Tuesday, we picked five houses to see with our realtor this coming Sunday.

Today - one week after the positive pregnancy test - I went to my first meeting in my first official capacity of my new job.

Life is moving at an alarming rate, isn't it?  I'm overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited and more than a little terrified.