Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to amuse yourself when your family is away

My family has been at the beach for the last several days.  Without me.  It's been really odd, coming home to an empty house, having sole control over the remotes, eating whatever I feel like cooking myself...

It hasn't been all lonesome.  My sister came for a visit over the weekend.  We went out for pedicures and dinner with some of my friends.  I rearranged furniture to make room for a playhouse (instead of the playpen) and the beloved kitchen that's been stuck in the basement for two years.

I've also enjoyed some beautiful pictures of my family, thank you smart phones with cameras and text messages!

laura fishing gavin

And also, because I was bored one night, I discovered this.


Because everyone pees on sticks when they're home alone and bored, right?  RIGHT?!

So.  Um.  That was... a surprise...  I'm happy and everything, but very shocked.  Gosh, you mess up your pill packet one or two months in a row... How come no one told me to get an IUD?!  First doctor appointment is July 31st.  I have no idea when I'm due (February?  March?).  I don't feel terrible... but I definitely feel pregnant.  Any name suggestions??  We already used our list up with Laura and Gavin!