Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One week later

It almost feels cruel.  Losing such a good friend exactly one week - to the hour - after my grandmother.  But maybe Grammy was lonely and Pippi knew she was needed.  Maybe Grammy was with Pippi so she wouldn't be scared.  Maybe Pippi waited as long as she could, hoping to give us a little peace.  It's almost harder, losing a dog, than it was Grammy.  Grammy's had a hard year, an even harder summer.  We had some time, with Grammy, to know and prepare and say goodbye.  We didn't have that with Pippi, and it hurts a lot.

pippi pippi2 pippi3I am so thankful we had two months with Pippi in our home.  A chance for Laura, her biggest fan, to soak up all those puppy kisses (and a few nips).  We'll all miss her so much.  Take care of Grammy, Pip.