Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hot and Ready

My freshman year of college, Little Caesars covered the campus in flyers advertising some ridiculously cheap delivery pizza deal.  Naturally, my suitemates and I called to order our pizza.  Apparently, everyone else on campus did too.  Our cold pizza arrived two hours later and made me feel extremely awful within minutes of eating the congealed mess of grease and cheese.  I swore I'd never order Little Caesars again.

Enter the Little Caesars on the way home from daycare offering a large pizza, ready for pick up, for well under $10, two hungry kids in the backseat, and a mom with no desire to whip up dinner in the mess that is the kitchen following our party...

Laura, do you want cheese or pepperoni?
Ooh, or would you like sausage?
Yes, of course!

Six minutes later, we were handed our fresh from the oven pizza, and we were on our way home.  (Gavin was sad he couldn't eat any in the car).  Was our $8 deep deep dish with sausage the best pizza on earth?  No.  But it was perfectly satisfying, both for our tummies and my wallet!

I don't get paid anything by anyone for anything on this blog ever.  Just thought I'd share my positive experience for anyone else hoping to make a few dollars go a little further this holiday season.