Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Claus!

We hosted our annual holiday party this Saturday.  I was so excited to have our friends visit our new home (which I finally got decorated just in the St. Nick of time).  I was extra excited when I heard a rumor that Santa would be attending for a brief visit.  And extra excited when I counted up the kids coming and realized I needed at least 15 dollar store gifts for Santa to hand out!!  Cars and trucks for the boys, and surprisingly cute hair brushes and "blow driers" for the girls.

And then, of course, another storm blew through.  We got maybe an inch of snow that was immediately washed away by a torrent of rain... but the weather predictions were enough to scare away a good number of guests.  We still had a houseful though - and 10 kids!!

They were all so wonderfully, incredibly surprised and excited to see Santa at the house, and so close to Christmas!  One little girl ran up to him, gave him the hugest hug, and shouted "I love you, Santa!!"  It was adorable.





My two were just as tickled to see Santa, give him hugs, sit on his lap, and put in their gift requests.  Ok, so technically only Laura actually "asked" for anything... but her list is specific:  a stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog like her friend at school has, and a puppy puppet.  (Done and done, little girl!)

And I just can't get over how sweet Laura and Gavin both looked all dressed up for the party.  Gavin sporting a Kevin McAllister-esque sweater vest, and Laura in a red velvet dress once worn by my little sister...  I love having so many beautiful dresses, saved by my mother, for my little girl to wear!

(And a HUGE thank you to the brother-in-law who donned the Santa suit to bring such joy to our party!!)