Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Resolutions

It’s (almost) a new year, and with that comes resolutions and all of that. This year, for me, is all about survival… much as it was in 2012. I have this new little guy pressing against my ribs and bladder, and I’m excited and terrified of his upcoming due date in a mere 10 weeks (I’m 30 weeks today). Along with a goal of survival comes a realistic view of what I can and can’t make time for. Paying for a blog I barely keep up with is one thing I can’t make time for.

 I want to maintain a place to write and remember… but just maybe not on so grand a scale as in years past. So I have moved all my content BACK to Blogger, and you can find me at from now on. Just like in the olden days. Let’s just hope Google continues to support the Blogger platform.

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