Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coming Home

We are back home in Maryland after a wonderful two weeks in my most cherished place: Cape Cod. As I walked into my cramped, tired home here in Maryland, I wondered about that word. Home. Am I home in Maryland, or had i just left home when I crossed the Sagamore Bridge?

Home. Where the heart is. Where family is. When I arrive on the Cape, I heave a sigh of relief. As if part of my heart stays on that sandy strip of land, and I cannot be complete until I'm back again.

And when I'm on the Cape, I truly am back with my family. All of my family. Brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, my grandmother, her brothers and sisters, cousins. My own two additions to our family. When I'm on the Cape, I am home.

Gavin with his great-grandmother20120724-174634.jpg



Third cousins!20120724-174654.jpg


Beach Babies20120724-174706.jpg