Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Spirit

20120727-153959.jpgMe sometime around the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics

Do you remember your first Olympics? I was two for the 1984 Olympics, and don't remember them. But I do remember vividly the figure skating competition at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

My parents were throwing a dinner party, and shut my older brother and I in their bedroom with the TV on the stay out of trouble. With free reign of the master bedroom, we caught Olympic fever. We jumped on the bed like the figure skaters leaping across the TV screen. We invented a relay game that involved the closet and master bathroom.

I have a lot of fond memories of playing with my big brother, but that night ranks among the top. What a fun night! And I have been an Olympics fanatic ever since.

I remember balancing like a gymnast on the back of my parents couch in 1992 (without the back flips, thank you very much). I gasped in awe and wonder as Kerri Strugg vaulted, landed, and hopped to her Gold. I cried when she was carried to the podium! And who wasn't completely overwhelmed by the Beijing opening ceremonies?

20120727-160035.jpgLaura watching the 2010 Vancouver Opening Ceremonies

My coworkers joke that I plan my babies around the Olympics. Laura was only a week or two old for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Here I am in 2012, hosting an Opening Ceremonies party with my two-month-old swinging happily next to me.

20120727-160352.jpgGavin practicing for the Equestrian events

I guess I'll have to plan my next baby to be born just in time for the 2016 games in Rio!