Thursday, July 26, 2012

In Small Doses

In small doses...
I can play pretend like the best of them.
I can do the same puzzle over and over.
I can dress and redress baby dolls.

In small doses...
I can make snacks and plan dinners.
I can run up and down the stairs to get to the potty on time.
I can put all the toys away.

I small doses...
I can listen to the whining.
I can answer the question "Cause why?" again and again.
I can be firm, but still elicit a smile.

But then I reach my limit. I can't play pretend, do puzzles, dress dollies. I can't feed another person, take one more fruitless trip to the potty (or clean up another accident), or put anything away. I cringe at the whining, snap at the questions, and yell without reason.

In small doses, I can be a great mom.
But the rest of the time, I'm a wreck.