Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Wishes

I have so many future blog posts swirling in my head.  Getting back to work.  Laura and Gavin sharing a room.  Our transition from exclusive breastfeeing to almost-exclusive formula.  My pride in Laura being a nice kid.  My fear of one day having to read certain books with my children.  These are all important posts, for another day. 

Earlier this week, my brother-in-law announced his intentions to propose to his girlfriend of three months.

I am shocked and gasping and reeling at the quickness of it.  Three months!  They met online!  We haven't even met her!  He is rushing in so fast!

I want to be horrified.  Part of me is a little horrified - he has rushed into so many things so many times, only to fail.  But there is another part of me that wants so badly for my brother-in-law to be happy.  To finally have a good outcome.  To maybe grow up a little bit.  Three months isn't all that short a time is it?  For two 33 year olds to know their minds? At nineteen, didn't I know for a fact that I would marry Nate, even though we'd only "dated" for three months?  Sure, we waited a few more years to get married.  But our feelings toward each other and our future together never wavered.

So why not?  Why not propose to a girl with similar values, hopes and dreams when you are 33 and anxious to get started on family?  Why not propose to a girl equally excited for a future with kids and pets?  Why not be hopeful for something good, after so much bad? 

So to my dear brother-in-law, here is a wish and a prayer that this time you are right.  That this girl is your "one."  I wish you the best.  I support you, and hope I can meet this girl soon!  Best wishes to the bride-to-be, and congrats to the groom... But please also know that inside my head is spinning.  WOAH.

Pouring my heart out