Monday, August 20, 2012

Three Months

Gavin turned three months old on Saturday.  Three months.  I can't believe it has already been three months!  And yet, here I sit at work.  My third day back after three wonderful months at home with my little family. 

Whenever I am asked to describe the sort of baby Gavin is, all I can think is "He is such a good baby."  It's the same phrase I have heard my mother use in describing him.  And it's the caption on the photo Gavin's teacher sent to me from school this morning.  Gavin is such a good baby.  He truly is.

He is the happiest, snuggliest, giggliest baby I have ever seen.  I thought Laura was happy - but she was nothing compared to this kid.  Sure, he cries when he needs something.  But only a little wail once or twice.  After he knows you've heard him, he stops crying and waits patiently for help to come.  O_o 

Gavin is full of big gummy smiles, but I think not for long.  He is a drooly face, with his chin all drippy and slobbery.  His hands are always in his mouth, unless he's taking a break for a snack.  I feel like teeth are imminent. 

Gavin loves his toys.  Loves them.  He was starting to get a little bored with his gym mat, so he's already been spending time in the exersaucer!  He tries so hard to reach the piggy - his arms aren't quite long enough yet!  But he'll play with just about anything.  Especially if he can get it in his mouth (see above). 

He also loves his big sister.  Gavin lights up when he sees her.  And the feeling is mutual.  Laura plays with him so sweetly, sharing her toys and making sure he has a pacifier - whether he wants one or not.  I'm really enjoying watching their relationship develop.

Gavin has spent the last week sleeping in his crib in the room he is sharing with Laura.  They are both doing really well sharing the room, and neither has woken the other yet.  Knock on wood, because I probably just blog-jinxed myself.  We did discover in moving Gavin to the crib, where he is lying flat  (he was inclined in the bassinet), that he LOVES to be swaddled at night!  When Gavin isn't swaddled, he sleeps with his arms flung over his head where they flail and startle him.  Swaddling him keeps those pesky arms still, and he calms down into sleep so quickly.  Such a good baby.

And did I mention cute?  Yeah, he is adorable.  And all mine.