Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take Your Gavin to Work Day

I'd like to start this post by reminding you, my dear readers, that Gavin is a really happy baby.  He doesn't need much in life beyond a bottle, a swaddle blanket, and a toy or two.  And even as happy and "easy" as he is, yesterday left me completely exhausted!  I don't know how you work-at-home moms do it.  Or you mom-at-work moms.  Or frankly, you stay-at-home (which is really work) moms.  HOW DO ANY OF US DO IT?!  That is not the point of this post.  The point of this post is to show you how cute my kid was at work all day! 

In a move that is beyond my comprehension, day care is closed this week for their annual "professional week."  I think they are cleaning and getting ready for the academic school year.  Which is fine.  I just don't understand why they close every single year for this week, the week that public school resumes.  The week that college kids flock back to their dorms.  The week that is the absolute 100% least convenient week ever to find child care.

We shipped Laura off to Grandma's, where she could be a third little girl to play princess with the family my MIL nannies for the first half of the week.  My FIL offered to watch Gavin on Wednesday (tomorrow), and my SIL is watching him today.  That left Monday.  So yesterday, Gavin came into work with me!

The joys of commuting:


I think Gavin enjoyed the train ride.  Like most commuters, he managed to fall asleep just as we were pulling into the station.  I do that all the time, dozing off right when I get the shortest, least helpful nap ever, leaving me groggy the rest of the day.  Which is why Gavin started his work day with a nap:


Yup.  That's my beloved travel bassinet again.  Under an open desk drawer.  With a draped sweater to dim the fluorescent lights.  The nap was all too brief, and soon Gavin was in meetings the rest of the morning.  Meetings with toys, that is:


He took his time at work very seriously, and stopped for a very prolonged lunch.  I kept getting up from the conference room table to head back to work after I'd eaten, but another coworker would see the baby and come in to say hi.  It was a long lunch!  So after lunch, Gavin helped me to catch up on emails and do some data entry:


I guess the data entry was exhausting, because Gavin passed out in his travel bassinet desk with sweater nook for the rest of the afternoon.  I did wake him up to help me with some filing before we left, but he wasn't too thrilled:


Is anyone ever thrilled to do filing?  Actually, I sorta like it.  But I'm definitely the minority.  Gavin did really well for a full day at work.  And while in hindsight, I probably could have brought him to work everyday this week, I'm really glad we have such great family to volunteer their time to watch him!