Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Boys

I'm definitely not about to go pro with my photography skillz (with my point-and-shoot), but every now and then I capture some photos that I just adore.   By some luck, the lighting and alignment are (mostly) perfect and I just can't help but stare at my computer screen, wondering at the images before me.

I took some really beautiful photos of Nate and Gavin over Thanksgiving.  I absolutely love them - lack of photoshop editing, poor alignment and everything.  To me, they are perfect, and I just have to share them.

Even though this one is tilted funny:

Even though this one is blurred:

Even though Nate is wiping Gavin's drool:

Even though I cut off Gavin's foot:

Even though Nate is squinting and Gavin isn't looking up:

Even though... well, this one truly is just about perfect:

I love my boys.