Monday, March 18, 2013

Old School Blogging #OSBlog

After a weekend fraught with raw emotions and extremem physical labor, helping my parents to pack their home of twenty years (with a ten-month-old in tow because I'm nuts), I thought I would have a little no-thinking-necessary fun!

What were you doing ten years ago?
By this time in March of 2003, I was a junior in college.  I had been dating Nate for a year, and I was a few weeks removed from the Spring Break in Myrtle Beach when Nate and his friend drove through the night to surprise me at the house I was staying at with my friends.  I was still reeling as I walked to class every day with the memory of Nate taking my hand into his and asking me to marry him - our secret first engagement.  Of course, I had to wait another three years for that real, actual, let's start planning a wedding, diamond ring on my finger engagement!

nate and cait

What are five things on your to-do list? 
Unpack the 14' UHaul arriving from my parent's house after work.
Put the damn laundry AWAY (and maybe throw in another load).
Write several thank you notes - many of them long overdue (since January)!
Go through my 2012 photos to choose my favorites for our Family Yearbook.
Get my butt out the door for some long runs, so I have a hope of actually finishing the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in less than three weeks! 

What are five snacks you enjoy?
Nachos without anything spicy or yucky
Deli turkey straight from the little deli ziplock
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Entenmann's Pound Cake

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Pay off my student loans.  And maybe the car.
Buy a new house! 
And decorate it!
Go on trips with both sides of our family - Nate's and mine. 
These are all short-term and not-so-worldly things.  I'm sure I'd give to a meaningful charity, invest for the long-term and all that.  But you have to have a little fun in life too!

Name some places you have lived:
Connecticut again
Italy (for a month in college)

Name some bad habits you have:
Rubbing, bitting and generally anhilating my cuticles
Excessively touching my face (I'm a little bit of a nervous person)
Sleeping late

Name some jobs you have had:
Sailing instructor
Shop girl
Executive Assistant
Intern (again)
Museum Technician


This was fun - and as I hoped, a wonderfully easy way to start blogging for the week.  Perhaps some meaningful, substantive posts to come?  Maybe.  We'll see.