Friday, March 29, 2013

Losing My Pieces

A few weeks ago, Laura was having a meltdown of sorts. Laura, I said, Pull yourself together!

I can't! I'm losing my pieces!

Two things about this comment. First, OMG preschoolers are hilarious. Second, I feel exactly this way all the time.

I thought that the bright, shiny Spring weather would help glue me back together after the long, dark winter. I have found some of my pieces... but not all. Pieces of me are still lost somewhere in the deepest recesses of my being.

But! I'm trying really hard to pull myself together. So here are a few of my most precious pieces, bringing Spring to my heart every day:

These three.  Every day.  Even when they drive me crazy.  Or maybe especially when they drive me crazy.


This princess, delighting in her new puppet theatre, even if she is a little afraid of the bird puppet.  Or maybe especially because she is a little afraid of the bird puppet.


This little man, who needs to stop growing up so fast!  Or maybe especially because he is growing up so fast.  (But seriously, Buddy, slow down with the walking - I still have 1.5 months of legit baby left!)


So I might still be trying to pull myself together. But my most important pieces have never been lost.