Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Our Easter weekend started Friday, when my MIL (aka nanny!) headed to the South to spend Easter with one of my brothers-in-law.  The kids were left without daycare, so Nate planned a Day of Fun with them.  They left the house around 9am, and didn't get home till 6pm.  This day included a trip to the sporting goods store (thankfully, the helmet and bat did not come home), Babies R Us, and a fabulous park!


The kids love the park. Laura's favorites are the slides.

Gavin loves climbing. I love this picture.

Saturday, Laura and I embraked fairly early on a trip to Joann's and Home Depot. I needed fabric for a home decor project (post to come!), and Laura needed more flowers for her my gardening project.  I had a minor panic attack trying to choose fabric, which included a call to my mother at 8am California time.  We scored some great fabric in the end, and Laura chose some really beautiful flowers! 

However, Laura's career in gardening came to an abrubt halt when she learned that she'd have to get her hands dirty to plant the flowers.  She opted instead to scoop out the world's tiniest shovels full of peat moss into the holes I dug, and to yell at me when I just dug my hands straight into the peat moss to get the job done.

The kids went to bed, leaving Nate and I to decide on our Easter Tradition, as this is the first holiday we have had, jsut the four of us, ever.  And the first Easter I haven't spent with Nate's family since I was nineteen.  Let that sink in a moment.  We decided that the Easter Bunny would leave the baskets in plain sight, and would not hide any eggs or candy this year.  With two dogs in our small house, we just didn't think a three-year-old and ten-month-old would really notice the lack of candy!

Don't you worry - they had some pretty sweet (and fairly inexpensive) gifts in their baskets!  They look really full, as they were mostly filled with bubble wand sets!



Yup. Gavin is wearing real, authentic leiderhosen, courtesy a business trip my father took to Germany in 1979. Yup, my older brother wore those back in the day!

We made it to church, enjoyed delicious brunch, took epic naps, and finished our gardening in the rain, and almost completely finished the home decor project yesterday. It was a packed weekend. And absolutely wonderful! Happy Easter!