Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Panic Mode! Again.

It's that time again!  That wonderful time in which I panic over ALL THINGS PARTY!  

After planning our annual Christmas party in December, Gavin's baptism, Laura's family birthday party, and Laura's friend birthday party in January, and my mom's 60th/going away party in March, I thought I was going to relish a few weeks off from party planning.  Well, I did for a minute or two.  And then I realized that Gavin's 1st birthday is really, really soon.

Crap.  So now I'm floundering in party planning panic mode.  And I just have to say - this panic is just not well timed. IMG_4817a

I'm still struggling a little bit here to pull myself out of the winter doldrums.  Everything sucks.  Everything is the worst.  I want to eat all the food all the time.  I just am feeling really negative.

And now - the horror! - I can't find invitations for Gavin's birthday party that remotely fit the bill (or are in my cheap-o price range).  Quelle disaster! 

First world problems, I'm sure.

Woah there, Caitlin.  It's a first birthday party.  There will be other parties.  Who cares if the invitations aren't perfect with typography and horseshoes and little Gavin on his rocking giraffe.  Gavin certainly won't care.  No one else will, either.

I really need a reality check, where I realize that the world isn't ending over birthday party invitations.  That my life is pretty damn awesome.  I am sincerely fortunate - and I need to appreciate that fact.  The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and my family is the best. 

I just think maybe I need a little more ice cream first.