Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PYHO: My Sleeping Babies

Will my children ever be "too old" for me to peek in on them as they sleep?  Will there come a time when I won't sneak in late at night to breath in their innocent slumber?  Will I stop feeling the need to re-tuck their blankies around their soft little bodies?

Is there a number? An age?  A school year?  Will they tell me?  Will they catch me tip-toeing in and tell me to stop?  Will they stay my hand from fixing their blankies?

The nights before each of my children leave home for college, will I still be able to peek in on them then?  The night before their weddings?  Late at night, as their own newborns grumble and coo in bassinets beside them?  Can I still push the door open and sneak in for one last peek?