Monday, June 10, 2013



This weekend, I wore a bikini.  A two-piece, tummy-showing bathing suit.  Tummy.  Showing.  All of it, in all it's post-baby splendor.

And you know what?  I didn't turn anyone to stone.  No one looked away from me repulsed by what they saw.  Did I look perfect?  Like a Sports Illustrated model?  No.  But I never have... so why should I now?

I'd like to look better in my bikini.  I hope that's obvious.  I still have some pounds to shed and some muscles to firm up.  But I wore a bikini this weekend.  My daughter was there to see me in it and compare our belly buttons.  She saw me wear something that many would be too shy to put on, and she saw me wear it with confidence.

I wore a bikini this weekend.  And I plan to wear it all summer.