Thursday, June 6, 2013


I am feeling incredibly, superbly and wonderfully confident.  Beautiful.  Self-assured.  Proud.

A whispered You are so beautiful early in the morning.

A sleepy I love you, Mommy, before leaving for work.

A spoken You look too good to have had two children from an acquaintance.

A cheerful You are looking fabulous! from a colleague.

An encouraging Good for you! from a boss.

I hear these words and look in the mirror, and see what they see.  I see beauty, love, achievement.  I see a great hair day, clothes that flatter, confidence, pride.

The more confident I feel, the more I want other women to feel the same.  So I talk a friend into going for a run.  I compliment women on their outfits.  I encourage a gym friend to feel proud of her hard work.  All of this giving and encouraging and supporting makes me feel all the more beautiful.  It's a wonderful thing.