Monday, June 24, 2013

In the midst of it all

Work is indescribably busy right now.  And will be for the remainder of the summer.  Frantic, frenetic, stressful... hurry up, wait, rush rush rush... We're all grating on each others nerves, and we're only just getting started.

And then, in the middle of it all, I was able to bring Laura to work for a day.  A day that I really should have been in the hard hat area, helping out.  But instead was sitting at my desk with the sweetest helper imaginable.  She drew pictures while I updated the database.  We left at 3:00 on a day when I probably could have stayed hours late helping.  But some things are more important than work.

Laura's first day of ballet, June 20, 2013:



I got to spend the whole day with my little ballerina.  From breakfast on the train (a powdered donut for Laura!) to lunch with my coworkers to ballet class to dinner out, just the two of us.  I didn't get nearly enough done at work... and it doesn't matter a lick.


*If I don't post too often, it's because I'm trapped in a hard hat construction zone for the remainder of the summer.  Work really cuts into blogging sometimes!