Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Mom Karma

There are many days when I am at my worst.  Before I had children, I could hide out on those bad days.  Take a long hot shower, sip a cup of tea, read a book in the corner, hide from my woes in the aisles of the grocery store...  But these days, I can't always hide.  And sometimes my irrational, irritable side seems to take over.  I snap, I roll my eyes, I avoid.  And that's not very fair to the two (nearly three) people who just want a little affection and attention.

There are other days, good days, where I feel like a supermom.  I cook the dinner!  And put away the laundry!  And tidy!  And I even play and read and snuggle and enjoy and encourage.  I spend these days hoping that my good mom days add up in some sort of brownie point karma system that I can cash in on those bad days.  That the good mom days outnumber my children's memories of the bad mom days.

That my children remember the days we covered ourselves in stickers.

The birthday parties where I went completely overboard, because a fancy (boxed mix) cake is one way I know I can show my love.

That I worked very hard to recreate Elsa's fancy, diagonal french braid.

That I rolled my eyes with a HUGE smile on my face as I said, fine, the wagon can be an inside toy (till Spring).

That instead of heating frozen nuggets at home, we stopped at that beautiful restaurants with slides and milkshakes (Chick Fil-A) in the middle of the Polar Vortex for nuggets and slides and milkshakes.

And that, even on my grumpiest days, I always found room on my lap (even a 35 week pregnant one) for my sweet children for snuggles, hair fluffs and stories.