Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've just had nearly two feet of snow, and my blizzard preparedness is awarded zero points, and my God have mercy on my soul.  I bought a box of Fruit Loops, a gallon of milk and some raspberry lemonade.  We had plenty of toilet paper, so what else would we need?

Oh, maybe something to eat for dinner??  Oops.

So we made homemade pizzas last night (with yeast that was miraculously still active!), but I have absolutely nothing planned for dinner tonight.  Going out for Mexican sounds so amazing... until I think about how crowded every restaurant will be tonight.  Especially following such a big storm.

I'm at work today (why, I'm not sure... no one else is).  And I should have a chance to stop by the grocery store on my way home.  I can still scrape together some sort of yummy dinner!

In the meantime, my kids are snug at home enjoying the tiny Valentine's gifts I picked up for them.  Plates, forks & spoons, and a book for each of them, plus a cute dress for Laura.  I threw some dollar store stickers on some dollar store doilies as Valentine's for each, and called it a day.

Laura's class Valentine's were made similarly.  Laura adorned the doilies with tons of stickers, and I taped a dollar store heart-decorated pencil to the back of each.

Gavin's were a little more fun, but he wasn't actually involved... Thank you PicMonkey and Photoshop!  I filled some dollar store heart-covered zipper bags with stickers, then stapled the following picture over top (yes, the writing is upside-down on purpose - sticker tags!):
It was a dollar store holiday, for sure!  But seriously, where else can you get hundreds of stickers for so cheap??  Laura and I stayed up late on Tuesday making our Valentine's, and had so much fun chatting about all the kids in her class.  Valentine's Day might be a little silly or forced for some, but I love that it gives my daughter a chance to reflect positively on all her little friends.  She even found something nice to say about the one child likes least of all!

And just to be cute, I made these little Valentine's for our closest family members: