Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm over it.  So over it.  I am so not ready to have a newbie at home... But I am so ready to be done with work for a little while.  And also to not be pregnant.  Because here is what 37 weeks looks like:
I'm totally over work.  I'd rather be on the couch snuggling my little buddy.  I'd rather be eating all the cookies.  I'd rather be wallowing in my last few weeks of sluggish, clumsy, pregnant walking.  I'd much rather be napping...

I'd rather be working on special projects. Like this blankie for a special big sister.
And turning this drawing of a peacock with a rainbow into a blankie for a special littlest brother:
Hell, I'd rather be vacuuming and mopping.  Let's be honest.  The nesting urge has kicked in (though has not been activated upon).  

The baby clothes are all washed.  I found my stash of nursing bras and shirts.  I packed my favorite shampoo in my hospital bag.  The infant seat is stowed in the van (not yet installed... Tips on packing three kids in carseats in a minivan??).  Stuff is ready.

And I am so, so ready... To not be working anymore!