Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frozen Fractals all around

Yesterday was officially Frozen Day!!  Which is appropriate, as the nation has been plunged in the winter that just won't end.  Have you seen this image by Honest Toddler?
I about died when I read it.  And then I went online and pre-ordered our copy of Frozen.  

My mom picked the kids up from school last night, along with some drive-thru Chick Fil-A, and I surprised Laura with the precious DVD when she got home.  We all are our treat dinner on the couch while watching the movie.  And I swear, Gavin (who hadn't seen the movie before) was singing along with the songs as much as Laura and I were!  Must be all the times we've listened to the soundtrack on repeat...

It was a really fun night.  But I'm ready for some spring!  C'mon Elsa, thaw that frozen heart - and this frozen landscape!