Friday, March 14, 2014

I case you wanted to hear more

Birth is a funny thing.  I keep remembering snippets and vignettes from our four day stay at the hospital...  Some I can't wait to forget, others I hope to remember.

The first thing I noticed about Paul was his huge nose (which he has already grown into).  But the first thing I said was, "he's so squishy!  His name shall be squishy and he shall be mine!"  And the. Repeated several times to Nate, "make sure we tell my mom how squishy his face is!"  Morphine is a funny thing...

Laura's first impression of Paul, "Gavin was cuter!"

The lactation consultant, "Wow! You have great breasts!  For breast feeding.  I mean, they're very nice... Um..." (I took the compliment!)

Nate banked a diaper into one of two trash cans by the door, just after watching Villanova's win.  I said, "nice shot! Channeling Nova?"  "Well, Nova wouldn't have banked it.  And... I was aiming for the other trash can."  I about died from laughing (which hurt my stitches a lot!)

It is amazing how women have the ability to truly forget pain.  I've had three babies, and never remember what contractions actually feel like... While my memory is till fresh, here's my description:

Contractions feel like a firy sword stabbing through your pelvis.  At least, that's how they felt for me.  Saturday and Sunday I just had the firy sword of pelvis splitting pain.  By Monday, I also had a terrible pulsing, throbbing achy back pain to go with the firy sword.  I never felt a full-stomach squeezing that I'd heard about from other moms... Which was part of why I wasn't sure I was actually in labor!!

And my feelings on c-sections:  stitches sting like crazy, and I don't know what I would do without the full-body "binder" (girdle) they gave me to keep my stomach tight.  And since I actually have three rows of stitches (my uterus is double-stitched so I can - haha! - have a VBAC someday), the worst pain is when I sneeze, cough, or take too deep a breath and feel the interior stitches getting pulled.  I have cried a few times from the pain of a sneeze.  

Gavin also elbowed me very hard in the stomach at his second visit to the hospital.  I screamed, scared Gavin, and terrified Paul who had been eating at the time.  Poor Paul had trouble latching the rest of the day (cue more tears from me) from the fright!

Let's pretend for a hot second that we do try (or accidentally...) for a 4th baby.  I am so glad I'll be able to try for a VBAC.  I'd rather birth triplets vaginally than recover from a c-section again.  In the meantime, I'm getting an IUD in five weeks.  Clearly, I can't be trusted to properly take birth control pills on my own!