Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paul's birth story, part one

Laura and me post-showers at almost 39 weeks.

I'm breaking this into two parts, at home and at the hospital.  Here's part one:

I had envisioned Paul's birth following a similar pattern as his big brother and sister.  My water would break and I'd head to the hospital to inevitably be induced.  He'd arrive several hours later, and we'd go home two days later.

We were out and about Saturday, enjoying a rare sunny day.  I was cranky and miserable, but at almost 39 weeks, I thought that was ok.  I had some contractions that afternoon and evening, but they quickly stopped when I laid down.  We had snow in the forecast, so I did actually pull myself together enough for a 9pm trip for groceries!

Sunday was grey and yucky.  My contractions were stronger, though no more trackable than before.  I didn't want to be in labor during the storm, so I spent most of the day laying on the couch.

My 39 week check up was canceled on Monday, so I spent the day, you guessed it, on the couch.  It was snowing and icy and gross.  I was happy to go nowhere.  

I went to the make up appointment Tuesday.  I was 4 cm dilated, up from 3 cm the previous week.  The doctor was confident I wouldn't be pregnant much longer.  I still couldn't track the contractions but they were stronger, more frequent and not eased by laying down.  My mother-in-law insisted on coming that night just in case, and I felt better and better about that as the day progressed.  I did get some work things wrapped up, but I wasn't very happy or comfortable.  We ordered pizza for dinner, as I just couldn't fathom cooking.  

I tried to go to bed around 9, but couldn't sleep.  Around midnight, the strangest thing... Just as I was really starting to debate going to the hospital Gavin woke up crying.  He would cry at the exact moment I had a contraction!  And it's not like I was yelling through them, or even that near his bedroom.  Every contraction.  The strangest thing...

I called the doctor at 1 am; she said I could come in.  In the end, Nate and I didn't want to drive an hour to not be admitted and have to drive an hour home.  Id never been in labor before, remember, so I was really unsure of how to decide when it was "time!"  We decided to try for a little more sleep.  I actually did get two good hours of sleep.  I woke up around 4 to some very strong contractions.  It was time.  I didn't want to sit in rush hour traffic trying to get to my downtown baltimore hospital, so I woke Nate up.  He insisted I take a shower (good man !) while he gathered our final stuff.  The drive to the hospital was awful, but traffic free!  I was admitted immediately, and skipped triage... And asked for that epidural!  I was 5 cm dilated, and hating every contraction.