Friday, June 22, 2012

Boobie Snacks

Laura is two, observant, incredibly smart, with a wicked vocabulary and memory. And even if she weren't all of the above, it would be hard for her to overlook Gavin's method of eating: my boobs. I'm not shy or modest about feeding Gavin at home. When he's hungry, I pull out a boob and stick him on it.

Laura has taken note. She asks almost constantly when Gavin is getting his next boobie snack. She gives her dollies boobie snacks of her own. Just this week at school, she took her shirt off to feed a doll. Her shirt was off. At school. For a boobie snack. And please hear my little child saying that with a thick Baltimore accent: bewbie snack. Seriously.

We've been trying to talk to Laura about private parts. That they are not for talking about. That we keep them covered. They are private for a reason. But at the same time, I don't want Laura to be ashamed of her body or any of it's parts.

How do you talk to your young kids about privacy and appropriateness? Did your kids try to breastfeed toys at home or in public?