Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Superhero Cape... to the Rescue!

I saw super cute no-sew superhero
capes on Pinterest, and knew they'd be the perfect craft for my mom's night craft group!

I looked around and found a few tutorials, but this one seemed the best for my needs.

I bought the supplies:
Adult size small t-shirts in bright colors
Heat bond interfacing
Colorful felt

So on a hot Thursday night, my friends came over with wine and snacks, and we got to crafting!

We cut the sleeves off our shirts, then cut all the way up the sides, leaving the collars in tact. We cut the fronts off the shirts, again leaving the collars. We had our capes! Time to decorate!

This is also where we made things more difficult for ourselves.
1) Felt was too thick and heavy to stay attached to our capes without sewing (or hot glue).
2) We cut out our shapes, then added the iron-on paper. We definitely should have added the transfer paper first, then cut our shapes!

But the end result, even if it did need some hot glue, was super awesome!



And yes, the kids love their capes!