Thursday, September 27, 2012


Gavin was home sick from school yesterday.  Which was frustrating, since we pay so much for day care and they are so quick to send kids home.  I get it: germs.  No mom wants their kids getting sick from the snotty kid at school.  Well, so far I am two for two - my kids are the snotty kids.  And I swear, they are hardly ever actually sick!  I blame over-active adenoids.  At any rate, Gavin was home and I was home with him.  Using leave I don't have.  I emailed my boss first thing:

I'm sure I'll completely waste the day doing nothing useful, but I'm home with Gavin. I'll check email if anything comes up.

A day doing nothing useful.  But what is useful?  Cleaning, folding laundry, pushing a vacuum?  Finding a better home for the towels than the guest room floor?  Ironing?  Decorating the house for fall?  I could have done all of those things and more.  I could have mopped, washed windows, weeded the "garden."  I could have been so very useful.

Instead, I snuggled with my little buddy in bed.  I played peekaboo and patty cake till my sides hurt from laughing with happy little Gavin.  I rolled on the (unvacuumed) floor, to give Gavin a good role model for tummy time.  I sang silly songs.  I rocked to my child sleep.  I spent my day as a mom, and nothing more.  Not a friend, wife, coworker, house manager.  Just a mom.

So did I do anything useful yesterday?  I think I did a whole lot of useful. 

Pouring my heart out.