Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi Friends,

I happened upon this blog this morning, and was really touched by Suzanne's theme this week. "Happiness Is."

When I was little, I'd visit my grandmother's house a few times a year. She had all sorts of crazy books from the 60's, and I loved to read them. One of them was a Peanuts book called "Happiness Is." I loved that little book, reading what each of Charlie Brown's friends felt made them happy. I especially loved "Happiness is naturally curling hair." Not that I have curly hair... but I've always wanted it!

So here are my two cents:
Happiness is...

*Waking up to sunny, cool summer mornings
*Snuggling Hubby in bed with soft, clean sheets
*Getting ready for work, with enough time to stop by Dunkin' for some iced coffee and a sprinkle donut
*Watching Laura in her crib as she sleeps. By morning, she's all curled up on her tummy like a little bug. Doesn't get cuter.
*Ok, maybe it does get cuter: watching Laura stretch as she slowly wakes up. Arms over her head, face scrunched up, toes flexed.
*Putting on a cute outfit and feeling confident all day.
*Getting a fantastic new haircut. (Maybe that one was from two weeks ago, but I'm still feeling great about this cut!)

Happiness is... appreciating the little things in life that make everything else worthwhile.