Friday, June 18, 2010

My Happy Birthday

And it was truly happy! Here's why:

1) On my actual birthday (Wednesday), Laura would only laugh for me. But she was laughing so hard! Laughter is contagious. Even when the laughter stems from the funny noise Mommy makes when she gets kicked in the throat. Totally worth it.

2) I came home to a bouquet of flowers last night! Hubby "doesn't believe" in buying flowers, so this was truly fantastic.

3) Hubby and I went on a date!

4) And we had stuff to talk about other than the baby! Real, adult, stimulating conversation!

5) We made out on the really sexy mercedes convertible that was in the parking lot (see above picture to get an idea). Haven't made out like that in years.

6) There were fireworks! Literally! Mid-kiss we looked up and saw roman candles exploding into the night. Fireworks are my most favoritest things in the whole wide world. Could it have been a better birthday?! No clue why there were fireworks over the harbor on a random Thursday night, but Hubby is taking credit.