Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So I think I had food poisoning yesterday. It was awful. I can't remember the last time I threw up, but it was probably from being hungover, so definitely like a year and a half ago at least! So it's been even longer than that since I last threw up from being plain old sick.

No, I didn't have much morning sickness.

Yes, you can hate me.

So yesterday as I'm puking on the commuter train (in the scuzzy bathroom which I have never been so thankful for), my first thought was that I was getting my first post-partum period. I've had some killer periods in my life, so that could be it.

But then, at home, I was feeling even worse. I called my ob/gyn to see if the first post-partum period was anything particularly brutal. Their advice? Take a pregnancy test.

I did NOT do that. For one, I'm on birth control. And while accidents can happen, let's be realistic. For another, the thought of braving the heat and carrying a 5 month old to CVS for a pregnancy test made me want to hurl. More.

At 10pm, having had nothing to eat or drink in 8 hours, I threw up my entire insides. It was horrifying. And scary. And awful. But then, all of a sudden, I felt better!

I continued to not eat or drink anything, and went to bed. Twelve hours later, I'm still afraid to eat and have only had a few sips of gatorade. And while I'm feeling just about fine, there's no way I'm going out, in the heat, to ride a train to get to work today. Not happening. So I'm enjoying a quiet day at home while Laura is at day care.

We're paying for the day, right? I might as well enjoy some time off!