Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Craft: Felt Tree

I am sure you have seen this pin on Pinterest?


So cute, right?  I had been planning for ages to make this for Laura, and just needed to get to Michael's.  The shopping trip was on my agenda for Saturday, following an evening Ladies Craft Night with some friends from day care.

Our craft nights are a lot of fun.  Whoever hosts picks the craft, which is a surprise for everyone else.  Everyone else shows up with wine and snacks.  We craft, gossip about day care, lament about toddlers, and have a great time.  When I showed up to my friend's house on Friday - lo and behold! - PILES of green felt, ready for us to make our trees!  I might have squeaked with excitement.

I ended up make twenty-five little ornaments for Laura's tree, with the idea that it could one day be an Advent Calendar.  However for this year, I stuck it up on the wall Saturday night (after I added a few finishing touches) while Laura was in bed, and threw all the ornaments on at once.  Laura zeroed in on it immediately Sunday morning, and was delighted!  A tree she could decorate all by herself!  Over and over again!  With a little felt purse (oh yes I did!) to store the ornaments in!

This was a definite Pinterest success.  Get out, get yourself some felt, and start cutting!  We love our felt Christmas tree!