Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap

All in all, our Christmas was wonderful and also pretty awful.  Nothing tragic or anything, but... well, it started on Thursday when Nate had to drive to Roanoke to fight a speeding ticket.  Did you know that anything over 80 MPH in Virginia is a felony?  Yeah.  And sometimes you get a dick wad judge who compares your speeding to the tragedy in Connecticut.  Yeah.  My husband was compared to that.  I'm not sure how he managed to stay on his side of the judge's bench and NOT strangle that man.

At any rate, we all hopped in the car Friday after work and drove to my parents in Massachusetts.  It was an 8-hour car ride that Nate was not excited about, having spent 8 hours in the car (and all day at a courthouse) the day before.  But we made it up without incident.  Saturday and Sunday were fantastic.

Nate and my dad spent all morning together, running through town with a bunch of guys, drinking a ton.  I hear they had fun.  My sister was home from a semester in Paris and I got to hug her and talk to her in person and catch up and it was wonderful.  My brother, sister-in-law and niece were there as well.  That evening, I got to catch up with some high school friends I hadn't seen since we graduated - twelve years ago.  It was awesome.  My dad made delicious pot roast and potato pancakes for dinner and we all ate till we could eat no more.

Sunday, we did early Christmas with my brother and his family, before they headed to her family's house for real Christmas.  We all received some wonderful gifts... and some surprises!  My niece was wearing a onesie telling us all she had a secret!  She's going to be a big sister in July!!  Total surprise for EVERYONE involved - my brother and sister-in-law most of all!  We are all thrilled.  We ordered a massive amount of Chinese food for dinner that night, and almost didn't realize that Laura ate at least two packets of silica gel desiccant.

And did you know that the number for poison control is NOT under the number for 911 in some phone books?  And that if you call 911 they cannot connect you to poison control?  And that 911 (in my parents' town at least) automatically sends the ENTIRE BRIGADE for every 911 call placed?  So about five minutes later the firetruck, ambulance and police force were crammed into the foyer, high-fiving a very excited almost-three-year-old who was perfectly fine.  So that was exciting.  Note: don't eat silica gel packets, but if you do just drink some water and skip the 911 call.

Monday went really well until Nate was very suddenly very ill.  We were sitting at a friend's house, chatting and having fun, and all of a sudden Nate was white and dizzy and ready to die.  If it was a ploy to get out of church, it worked.  He was sick the whole night and all of Christmas.  My dad fell victim just after we opened presents Christmas morning.  It was a real treat!

But Santa came and Santa delivered.  We were all spoiled, with tons of clothes and so many toys.  Laura got her coveted Doctor Kit - with a lab coat to boot!  Gavin received a race car, which was totally necessary of course.  We were able to visit my grandmother in the afternoon, and my dad rallied enough to make (if not eat) Christmas dinner for the three of us who were well enough.  My mom, sister and I really enjoyed the beef tenderloin!!

We spent 11 hours in the car on Wednesday, battling snow and traffic to get home.  Did I mention it's a 7-hour drive?  It was miserable, but we made it.  I went to work yesterday and today, and will head to my in-law's tonight for Christmas Part II.  Probably not our best Christmas... but it was still pretty fantastic all in all!

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