Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Almost Here!

Christmas!  It's as if I suddenly came out of a fog of disorganization, looked at a calendar and realized OHMIGAH IT'S CHRISTMAS!!  I knew it was coming, but WOW did this month fly by.  We've been busy doing Christmasy things at our house, even if I seriously thought I had a whole 'nother week to get stuff done.

We got a Christmas tree on the 2nd.


We had our annual Christmas party on the 8th.


We made a Gingerman House on the 10th.

gingerman 005

Laura was the cutest pine tree ever at her school's Christmas Program on the 12th.


Laura and Gavin got to see Santa a second time on the 13th.


We baked cookies for our beloved teachers on the 17th.


And now here we are.  I'm finishing a few things at work before the end of the year (even though I'll be one of the few at work on Thursday and Friday next week), and we'll drive up to my parents' tonight.  Christmas is HERE!