Monday, December 17, 2012


This morning was so hard.  I have been dreading this morning all weekend.  The first morning back to school after the senseless loss on Fridays.  Loss of lives.  Loss of innocence.  Loss of trust...

I put so much time and effort into finding a day care, one I could entrust with the care of my children.  It was no small task.  I have had some bumps in the road with the day care we chose, but for the most part I send my children off to school three mornings a week, trust they are cared for, loved and educated, then pick them up expecting smiles and stories in the evening.  I trust the teachers. 

I never realized that I needed to trust everybody else.  I didn't think about needing to trust the other parents at the school, the other tenants of the church that hosts the school, the other... whole rest of the world.

This morning was so hard.  I lifted my children out of the car  and out of my care, and left them with my whole heart in a building that I hope and pray I can trust.  As if drop off this morning wasn't difficult enough, Laura was in tears about not wanting to go to school.  "Mommy, I just don't want you to leave me!"  Well kiddo, I don't want to leave you either. 

I can't wait to pick up my children after school today.  I can't wait to see those bright faces.  I can't wait for their hugs.