Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cookie Therapy

I started to get a grip on myself on Monday, after venting through my post about trust, and mostly after reading the status update on Facebook from Gavin's teacher:

Thinking of A and A [her daughters] at school today

and loving on my babies at work. All 3 of my babies are sound asleep. ♥


My baby!  The teacher was loving on my baby!  Who was sound in his innocent sleep.  I can picture his bald little fuzzy head asleep in the crib, pacifier at the ready, blankie in hand.  His two sweet baby friends positioned the same nearby.  Three babies - my baby - surrounded by love.


And it made me feel better.  I was reminded that while, yes, I send my children off into the big scary world three mornings a week, they are met by love and protection.  My children have wonderful teachers.  My children are happy and cared for and loved - and that's really all I could hope for in the end.


I read the words of Gavin's teacher and started to feel better.  I went home and baked cookies to give to the teachers at day care, my heart filled with appreciation for all that they do.  I added some sugar to the mixing bowl, and was reminded of all the sweetness around me.  I mixed in the creamy butter and didn't feel so jaded by the world.  Laura added the Hershey Kisses to the cookies - and I placed my own kisses on her cheeks. 


Laura and Gavin have their last day of school for the year today.  Laura will have her class party this afternoon, and I'll pick her up hopped up on sugar.  As it should be.  Laura will ask five bajillion times if she can open her presents yet, and I'll read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas at least twice tonight.  This is how it should be.  And I am glad.