Monday, January 7, 2013

All her tutu'ed glory

I took my words last week to heart, and took tons of photos of both kids (which I then kid-picture-vomited all over my personal Facebook profile).  I'm not clever enough to have kid-picture vomited all over the Mrs. MidAtlantic Facebook page, so either you're welcome or I'm sorry.

At any rate, I have been pretty lazy about taking pictures of the kids lately, and that's sad.  They have such big personalities, and I want to remember every bit.  So here is my favorite series from one photo shoot of one dress-up session (there were many this weekend).

dressup 002 dressup 003 dressup 004 dressup 005 dressup 007

And one of the poor little brother, who will one day be able to say "NO!"

dressup 001