Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sick Days

This little guy is getting teeth.  The two bottoms, to be exact.  I expect they'll be cute and photographable any minute.  For right now, they are sharp little things that are easier to feel than to see.


The down side to these little teeth is that he's had some low-grade fevers (and he'll be able to bite his sister soon).  Fevers means no school.  No school means somebody has to stay home from work.  That somebody is me.

Gavin and I were home yesterday.  It was fine because I was able to throw some last minute projects in my purse the night before, so I had about 4 hours of work to do at home.  And Gavin wasn't actually sick in the least, so I didn't have to worry about a sad little baby sleeping and drooling on my chest all day.  Nope, he was quite playful and into everything as usual.  Which was exhausting.  Trying to type reports while keeping the imp out of the dogs water bowl?  Nearly impossible.

The hardest part of yesterday was that around Noon I noticed a tight, hacking cough in my own chest.  The sort of cough that hurts, is completely unproductive and sounds like I have the plague.  The sort of cough that no one at work ever wants to hear from the next cubicle over.  And yet... I'm at work today.  Because as a mom, I have to save those precious sick days for my kids.  Even when they aren't really sick after all.

Here's hoping that I only have a cold, or maybe bronchitis, and NOT the flu.  Knocking on all the wood (particle, veneer or otherwise), chugging hot tea with honey, and trying to keep my germs to myself.
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