Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Laura is THREE today.  Three years old!  The big 0-3!  I can hardly believe it.  I look at the pictures from her past birthdays, and each one seems like it was just yesterday.  Just yesterday that I saw her serious furrowed brow for the first time.  Just yesterday that she flounced in her first tutu.  Just yesterday that she blew out two candles all by herself.3year_collage

Laura's birthday party was a lot of fun, but not at all what we had planned.  Alas, when the birthday girl throws up the morning of her party, there's not much you can do.  She was only sick the one time, and seemed to be ok.  We called our guests to let them know, and half bailed.  Laura wound up hosting four friends for a ballerina princess balloon dance party.  Laura and her friends had a great time, and that's all that mattered.3yeara

At three, Laura didn't have much concept of how I had envisioned her birthday party.  So she didn't really care that only four friends were able to come.  Alas, our poor birthday girl had no interest in eating her cupcake.  I felt so sad for her!  She blew out the candles, chose her cupcake, and then just stared at it till her friends were done eating.

Our house wasn't nearly as tidy or organized as I had hoped it would be.  But since I was relying on tiny elves to clean it in the night for me, I suppose I shouldn't have expected much!

As I had planned, my coworker did the balloons for the party.  They were so adorable!  Tiaras for the girls, crowns the boys.  A sweet little Belle to watch over the cupcakes, and a taller-than-Laura ballerina to welcome our guests!

party2 party1
Laura loved the balloons, and is still playing with them days later!  We have had to rescue a few balloons from Gavin and his teething!  Gavin, by the way, devoured his first cupcake and loved every bite.  The cupcakes were Betty Crocker's finest: rainbow chip cake with Supreme White frosting (dyed pink by me!).  I know my limits, people!  I decorated the cupcakes with some cupcakes toppers by Meri Meri.  My mom found them at Home Goods, and they could not have been a simpler way to decorate the cupcakes!

For food, I made PB&J and Fluffernutters for the kids.  Not that any of the not-hungry three year olds ate them!  I had black bean, butternut squash and swiss chard chili for the grown-ups.  It was delicious and devoured!

So we wound up with a very small party, rather than the large one I was planning.  I didn't put any tulle on anything.  We didn't need the Angelina Ballerina board game I bought in a panic.  No one noticed that I wasn't able to make all the food pink.  And the party was lovely regardless.