Monday, January 14, 2013

Party like a rockstar

My parents live really far from Maryland.  I don't get to see them nearly as often as I would like.  So their visit, in itself, is a party.

And if I'm going to have a party (and therefore a clean house), I'd like to make the most of it!  They were coming to town for Gavin's baptism, scheduled as it was in the one-week window that my sister, the Godmother, was home from her semester in Paris before leaving to head back to upstate New York for the spring semester.  (Life as a college kid is hard, yo).  And since it was only three weeks before Laura's third birthday?

Two parties.

We had Nate's family join mine Saturday night for chili, pulled pork, beer, football and birthday cake.  Laura got some fabulous birthday presents, and loved the attention.  Also?  She picked a really, really tasty birthday cake from the case at Giant.  Nice!

[caption id="attachment_2009" align="aligncenter" width="300"]baptism3 The almost-three-year-old[/caption]

Everyone came back on Sunday for Gavin's baptism.  It was a really sweet ceremony in our church's chapel.  There was only one other baby baptized yesterday, so everything was still very intimate.  Gavin didn't fit in the antique christening gown that my whole family (and Laura too!) had been baptized in, so we had to buy an outfit on the fly: tiny little khakis and a white oxford shirt - he looked so preppy and adorable!

baptism1 baptism2

We had all our guests back to the house after for a luncheon, catered by Wegman's.  We ordered two sandwich platters, were accidentally sent home with three, and needed every sandwich we had!  God works in mysterious ways, right?  Thanks to the Big Man Upstairs for keeping our family fed yesterday! 

In all, it was a crazy weekend.  But I'm still glad we did two separate parties in one weekend.  Laura had a chance to kick off her Month of Three with the grandparents she loves best (all of them), and Gavin had his own special celebration too.  Happy birthday Laura, and God bless baby Gavin!