Friday, January 4, 2013

The 2nd Child

I keep saying (to myself in my head) that I'm going to post all these things about our life and how awesome it has been.  But I never do.  For a while there, I complained that it was because WP had such a crappy media uploader... but the latest update seems to be working really well, even on my ancient work computer with internet I can't update. 

I realized, too, recently that I have been really bad at taking pictures lately.  Ah, the fate of the second child!  I mean, I'm not taking any of Laura these days either in all her tutu'ed glory... but at least I have documentation of her first year milestones! 

Have I told you that this (not so) little boy is crawling like a champ, pulling to a stand, CRUISING on everything, trying to let go, trying to take steps...

All this, at 7 1/2 months.  All this, with no teeth.  All this, while still bald.


iphone 026

iphone 027

The life of the second child... he's behind on his well-visits to the doctor (and thus on his vaccinations).  I have no idea how tall he is, how much he weighs, or how big around his head is.  But I do know he is incredibly tall, extremely broad across, surprisingly thin (for all that) and his head is entirely made up of those rosy cheeks.
iphone 037

And without photographs, videos or doctor visits, I know that my precocious little second is minutes away from first steps and first words.  His babbling sounds entirely conversational - I swear he huffed and said "OK!" before attacking a toy the other day.  Nate swears he mumbled "ILOVEYOUDAD" in one breath before diving into a bottle (kid loves food).  He's rough and tumble and the sweetest most snuggly baby I have ever met.

He probably deserves a few more photos.  Laura probably does to.